1. To refuse to pay the share of taxes that would be used for any military purpose whatsoever

To this end, No More Armies encourages all visionaries of a world of peace, all Canadian pacifists citizens – regardless of their religion or political affiliation – to sign the petition to support Bill C-272 about non-complicity into war. This bill allows conscientious objection for the Canadian citizens who could freely choose not to contribute financially, through their taxes, to national military budgets. Therefore, the government, no longer free to use the money from our taxes for military purposes, ON OUR BEHALF, would finally consider our values and choices of conscience.


2. No More Armies encourages its members to vote against any representative or political party that supports or makes war, not only in the next election, but also by specifying that this decision will concern all those who will follow for 49 years

In this context, No More Armies is committed to communicate this decision to all political representatives. We will support this position for 49 years … to clearly signify to warmonger politicians that their political career is definitively dead!


3.  No More Armies supports the creation of a worldwide army of “peacekeepers”

No More Armies will support the creation of a global army of peacekeepers who will be put at the service of freedom and human rights, under the effigy of nonviolence, respect and compassion; some civilized and non-militarized peacekeepers, i.e.: teaching and caring in opposition to punishing and killing.


The peacekeepers could be reclassified professional soldiers – the ones who are now the war keepers – which would turn into guardians of world peace against unbalanced and violent individuals of the world. If physical intervention is necessary, only the use of sophisticated incapacitating weapons will be permitted and limited to an appropriate use for the sole purpose of neutralizing hypothetical danger, NEVER with the aim of killing. The peacekeepers will never consider killing as a solution or an option to peacekeeping. The peacekeepers will serve the citizens of the world and not a specific nation or power.


“The life of one single human is more important than all of humanity.” – The Maitreya, page 165


4. No More Armies encourages a global nuclear and conventional disarmament

Sign the petition now.


5.  No More Armies will continue to peacefully protest against all wars and will encourage ALL peaceful and nonviolent actions promoting the respect of human rights, from any association or group without any discrimination


By this goal, No More Armies supports and will support any nonviolent protest and claim for peace in the world regardless of the conflict in question, the nationality or religion of the protesters. In addition, No More Armies supports the campaign Meditate One Minute for Peace.