No More Armies is a project working towards the abolition of armies that only feed violence and global suffering, endangering the very survival of humanity.


This campaign initiated by Raël actively supports Bill C-272 about NON-COMPLICITY INTO WARS. This bill allows conscientious objection for the Canadian citizens who could freely choose not to contribute financially, through their taxes, to the national military budgets. Therefore, the government, no longer free to use the money from our taxes for military purposes, ON OUR BEHALF, would finally have to consider our values and choices of conscience.

To this end, No More Armies encourages all visionaries of a world of peace, all Canadian pacifists citizens – regardless of their religion or political affiliation – to sign the petition to support Bill C-272 about non-complicity into war.


No More Armies also supports the global nuclear and conventional disarmament and the creation of an army of “peacekeepers”  to serve the citizens under the effigy of non-violence, compassion and respect for human rights. The peacekeepers could be reclassified professional soldiers – the ones who are now the war keepers – whom would turn into guardians of world peace against unbalanced and violent individuals of the world. Also, No More Armies unconditionally encourages all pacifist actions for a world of peace and joins the campaign “Meditation One Minute for Peace”.